Episode 078: Floral Greetings from the Antipodes

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Philippe lives in Chile – and that is on the southern hemisphere. Summer, flowers, the beach….  (In Bremen it’s winter, rain and wind.) So he sends us northerners, who are shivering in the cold, a floral greeting. Of course made from scratch after a visual visit in the garden.

This is Philippe’s last show for 2008. He torments us by making a summer holiday and has perhaps some extra work to do during Christmas.

But he’ll be back in January. (Rolf has his sound card problems sorted out and faces some time slot sorting problems. He will be here with a show soon.)

If you have a wish for a project for Philippe to do, post it in the forum or here in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 078: Floral Greetings from the Antipodes

  1. Thanks a lot and have a nice summer holiday (I hope you take a lot of pictures ;)) !

    Great how you analyze the picture and use the symmetry to create a flower in gimp – I really love the approach.

    Greetings from the cold hemisphere (snow this morning)


  2. Who?
    Now that there are multiple people posting on the site it would be good to indicate who is writing the post. Can WordPress can do this automatically?

  3. I am writing the blog posts for the videos. And I am not so sure how to do it. 😉 WordPress should display the name, something is broken there.

  4. Here’s a TOC:

    Episode 078: Floral Greetings from the Antipodes
    00:18 Welcome
    00:25 Examples of real flowers
    03:20 Examine the features of the real flower we will be emulating
    04:40 Use Polar Coordinate filter to deconstruct the flower
    07:30 Make layers for the petal and shadow
    10:15 Make an area to use for a petal
    11:00 Draw some detail for the petal
    13:00 Use the Perspective tool to give the petal a triangular shape
    14:30 Make some more petals
    16:00 Make the shadows
    17:20 Use polar coordinates filter to map the petals onto a circle
    18:10 Make more layers of petals and rotate them
    21:20 Create the centre of the flower
    22:50 Add some highlights and shadows to the petals using the dodge and burn tool
    28:00 Make some layers for the centre detail
    29:00 Draw the background detail in the centre
    33:35 Create a brush to draw the detail in the centre
    35:40 Create another brush for top detail
    38:35 Draw a few extra details
    39:40 Dodge and burn the centre to give it a 3D feel
    41:25 Tweak the colours using curves, merging layers into groups
    42:50 Add a suitable background
    44:48 The End

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