Episode 067: Look into my Eyes!

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Philippe is on with his first biweekly show!

He makes an iris from scratch and explains the new features of brush dynamics in Gimp 2.6. If you didn’t knew that you paint a circular iris into a rectangle, then this show is for you! Painting the skin and modelling the face is left for a later episode.

The TOC:

01:15 Making a new image and preparing it
01:35 Selecting and choosing colours
02:20 Introduction to brush dynamics
10:40 Preparing the texture
12:20 Applying wind
13:40 Distortion with Iwarp
15:55 Readying the texture and applying Polar Coordinate
17:30 Dodging and Burning
19:05 Inserting in face image and final adjustments

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18 thoughts on “Episode 067: Look into my Eyes!

  1. I’ll watch this episode once i get home. Rolf, Philippe: keep up the good work.

    On the last podcast I saw there’s a new “GEGL Operations” tool new to 2.6.x. I’d be cool to see a show or a section in an episode about it.

  2. Up to now I havn’t found the courage to press that button. 😉

    No experiments today, my main hard disk is dieing and I have to set up the whole system from scratch. Data is secure. -)

  3. sorry to hear that, good thing ubuntu installs fast compared to xp.i saw in episode 66 you were using 2.6.1? how did you solve the problem with getting the window in focus to be on top of the toolbox and other docks, like normal?

  4. @Mac: I had no problem – changed nothing. But I will test it with the new installation. Ubuntu installs in no time, but I had to move lots of data. My old data disk is now the system disk and I have a new data disk. And I had to be careful and double check….. 😉

    @van zan: I am amazed myself every time I see one of Philipes tutorials or artworks. Wait until you see the new MTG design!

  5. We got a brilliant combination, Rolf for photo and Phillipe for arts. I’m sure Gimp is having more and more fans. Thank you for showing us what we can do with Gimp.

  6. Rolf: What I’ve seen is it opens a dialogue box with what seem to be other filters. The first one crashed my session of gimp, lol.

  7. Very Impressive tutorial. I’ve been watching every Meet the Gimp show, but what Phillipe does is very unusual way to draw. At least for me. I am looking forward to see how skin can be created.

    Thank You

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  9. I am more into the photo side of gimp but what Phillipe does is really interesting. It is somehow shocking comparing this two sides of gimp.

    Really like the whole meetthegimp

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