Episode 066: Setting up GIMP 2.6 and looking into the future

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This is basically Episode 002 – but with a really new GIMP (and a more experienced screen caster). But before that I have some news for you about the future of the “Meet the GIMP” project and about the development of GIMP 2.7 and 2.8. I’ll try to explain why we will NOT have 16 bit in 2.8 – and that the developers are not to blame for it. The comments from David Gowers are here and here.
The future of this project is brighter than ever. Philippe will be a regular contributor with his own show track. The forum is really getting off. I never had to interfere there because everybody is friendly and behaves. On the other hand nobody steps around on his toes. And a lot of answers are there before I come to read the question.

The show will go wide screen as in Episode 64, but we’ll have a separate feed for mobile devices.
The funding is secure. In Episode 49 I had asked for donations. They are still coming in. I just paid the demorecorder license for Philippe from that money and have left enough to pay my 20€/month for the server well into January. If the funds are running out I’ll give notice.
BTW, I don’t publish donor names and amounts. I feel that such lists, especially sorted by amount, are humiliating. An amount easily spent by e.g. a German teacher with tenure is a high investment for people in other parts of the geographical or social map. Each donor gets a thank you mail from me as a receipt.
And there are more ways to donate to this project. Time for example. Spread the word about this on your blog or in forums where appropriate. Write comments or go to the forum. Or become a correspondent for the blog if you are stumbling over newsworthy stuff while surfing around on all the other graphics web sites.


00:20 Housekeeping – New shows, file formats, feeds and so on
04:40 Look at 2.7, 2.8 and further
11:50 Why not 16 bit in 2.8
12:40 Setting up 2.6
14:20 Preferences dialogue
14:30 Environment
15:30 User interface, previews and keyboard shortcuts
16:00 Theme – Big or small icons
16:40 Help system
17:20 Tool options
18:55 Toolbox
19:10 Default image
19:30 Image window
20:10 Display
20:50 Input devices – activating a Wacom tablet
24:10 Tweaking gimprc for getting rid of the drop space in the toolbox
28:00 Configuring the dockable dialogs
30:30 Selecting tools for the Toolbox
34:00 Recap

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34 thoughts on “Episode 066: Setting up GIMP 2.6 and looking into the future

  1. Hi,
    basics again in this video. You can’t do to much about the basics as long you have visitors like me 😉
    I never thought you don’t use the dogde and burn tool. Of course you can do this on a separate layer with a blendingmode, but with the dodge and burn tool you can choose, if you want to change the highlights, midtones or shadows. And it is usefull to improve a mask from a b/w copy of the image.

  2. You should try the new GIMP Help Browser one day. It has seen some nice improvements in version 2.6. Perhaps do an episode on the Help system one day? I think many users underrate it and don’t know how to make best use of it.

    Oh, and I just committed a change to trunk that makes new dockables appear under the pointer instead of opening in the upper left corner of the screen. It was so embarassing to see this in your video… If this turns out not to cause any problems, we will back-port this tiny change to the gimp-2-6 branch.

  3. Hi Rolf,
    there is a much easier way to include tabs. Just next the tab´s name is a smal arrow. When you click on this you can add a new tab.

    I´ve a question. How can I reduce the Wilber you described in Windows.

    Greetings from Bavaria

  4. ||You should try the new GIMP Help Browser ||

    I would use it if it was avaliable ;(
    In my OpenSuse 11.0, the help system is not present in the packages
    I’ve got the help installed an accessible from firefox, bus no trace of the new help browser 🙁

  5. @Rudi:
    The same way as Rolf did it in this show. Gimprc is simply in a different place (i would guess, something like c:Documents and Settingsrudigimp-2.0)

    Another thing about tabs in 2.6, that’s especially nice, is the ability to lock tabs so that they cannot be dragged. This avoids a problem that used to occur, especially with tablets, where it was far too easy to throw your dockables across the screen by accident.

  6. The GIMP docs team has just released version 2.4.2 of the user manual and will slowly start to work on documenting 2.6 now. It would be nice though if Jernej or anyone else could prepare an installer for the 2.4.2 release of the user manual.

    The 2.4 releases of the user manual can be used with GIMP 2.6 of course.

  7. Whow – what a lot of good replies.

    I’ll do an update next Tuesday with a test of “Burn and Dodge” (last used that in 1.9.x i fear), Help System and a new look to the docking process. And I have found some nice little things….

  8. @Fornit,

    I do use the dodge and burn tool sometimes for the same reason as you described. But only for very small parts of an image.

    you wrote:…you can choose, if you want to change the highlights, midtones or shadows…

    Maybe some can clarify it!?

  9. @Ger: I mean that point in the toolbox of the dodge and burn tool, you can choose the range which is impacted by the tool. I guess it’s because of my terrible English.

  10. @ David Gowers:

    I mean the small arrow in the toolbox. Let´s say it in German.

    Unter den Reitern in der Werkzeugkiste befindet sich jeweils der Name des ausgewählten Reiters. Rechts daneben ist ein kleiner Pfeil. Beim Anklicken kommt ein Popup, bei welchem man Reiter hinzufügen kann. Das meinte ich.

    Gruss Rudl

  11. Another thing I forgot to mention: There’s a manual page for the gimprc file. It has the same documentation as the system-wide gimprc file you were looking at in this episode. But it is easier to read and more comfortable to access. Just type ‘man gimprc’ into a terminal window.

  12. @Sven Neumann


    Thanks for such a informative website.
    If I could I would like to make 2cents worth of comment.

    I have tried the GIMP on Linux, and I was pleased that you could
    re-configure it to make it portable, that is – you could move
    it to directory of your choice and tell GIMP where to look for
    its files by means of assigning environment variables using
    a BASH startup script.

    Judging from portablefreeware.com it does appear the notion
    of having software that is easily portable from machine
    to machine (or when upgrading an operating system) is an

    I did remove the help browser and some of the larger plugins
    to save some bloat, perhaps an installer that could ask whether
    you want to have certain plugins may be useful for computers
    that have less space or power.

    I have downloaded a few videos and looking forward to
    receiving tips on the use of layer masks etc to restore brightness/
    contrast to underexposed sections of images.

    Thank you

  13. I’ve uninstalled previous GIMP and can’t get the new GIMP 2.6 to open any files, or save any files. I get errors; stating I have an obsolete version of certain plug-in files that are used to open files: jpeg’s, for instance.

    JPEG image Message
    Could not execute plug-in “file-jpeg.exe”
    (C:Program FilesGimp-2.0libgimp2.0plug-insfile-jpeg.exe)
    because it uses an obsolete version of the plug-in protocol.


    gimp_plug_in_handle_proc_run: ERROR

    Any idea about where I can get some much needed help?

    Thanks! in advance

  14. I’m sorry. I figured out my problem.

    I’d had previous install problems, so I copied all of GIMP’s dll’s into my Windows-system folder. They took precedence over the new GIMP’s dll’s.

    Just a matter of copying all them, again.

    (Now if I can get GAP to work, I’ll be happy!)

  15. Rolf:

    About your comment in the video on Preferences > Tool Options > «Save tool options on exit». If you do check it(so it saves your values) cant you just click the button in down right corner of the toolbox to reset to default values(for those times you dont want it to remember them)?

    Thanks for your helping videos!

  16. If some one has problems installing GIMP 2.6 in Fedora 9, here what i did:

    # yum –enablerepo=updates-testing-newkey install babl gegl
    # yum –enablerepo=rawhide install gimp

    (if you install/update babl and gegl from rawhide, gimp does’n start)

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  18. Hi,

    I am new to Gimp, and so grateful for your tutorials. I am just starting them, and having trouble with episode 66 (from episode 2) downloading. I only get a very small screen of your tutorial in my computer.
    Can you offer any suggestions?

    Thank you so much

  19. I don’t find rc files how Rolf showed it.

    I asked in Gimusers.de forum and here it is:
    /Library/Application Support/Gimp/–> gimprc 🙂

    But now I search the other rc files, but i will find it.

    it’s a different between Mac and Linux/Windows Filesystem

  20. no, I can’t find the system-wide file gimprc.

    I find macintosh hd/ -> tmp/ -> skl/ -> gimp.app but this is an alias and no folder.
    Who can help me?

    personal gimprc file:
    This is your personal gimprc file. Any variable defined in this file takes
    # precedence over the value defined in the system-wide gimprc:
    # /tmp/skl/Gimp.app/Contents/Resources/etc/gimp/2.0/gimprc
    # Most values can be set within GIMP by changing some options in the
    # Preferences dialog.

  21. from Gimp-Forum I got an answer:
    Go to the gimp.app
    right click and “show package”

    Now we have the system-wide gimprc file.

    Its tricky and Guys, who are new on Mac, do’nt find this file.

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