Download GIMP 2.6.1

Windows packets can be found at and here

Mac users go over to (German) or This is just being ported to “Tiger” – so look again if you haven’t found what you were looking for.

Ubuntu has packages at, but there is a conflict with gimp-python. This package was included into gimp-data, but ubuntu-desktop depends on gimp-python. 🙁 EDIT: If you have messed up your installation while trying – just install 2.6.0 over it like described here.

If you get complaints about gimp-python, then you have messed up your installation with doing something else as “dpkg -i *” in  terminal. Just deinstall “gimp”, reinstall ubuntu-desktop (no harm done) and install 2.6.1 with dpkg. Worked for me.

From PhotoComix comment to the last posting:

…and for Ubuntu a short but updated how to compile guide is here for 2.6 but for 2.6.1 nothing change except the source code to download

For windows i suggest to avoid to try to use the help with the web browser, that may crash gimp, (on my 2 PC that always crash gimp )

11 thoughts on “Download GIMP 2.6.1

  1. 2.6.0 has one nasty bug: On 64bit if you open a very large photo, like 16000×16000 which as rgba will be over 1gb, gimp crashes, but 2.6.1 works fine. I read it works on 32bit but I wonder how you get a large enough memory chunk with that.

  2. It’s so great to see a binary for Mac OSX Tiger finally. I have been trying to compile GIMP on Tiger myself, but I couldn’t produce a working binary, so I am really grateful that I can download one. Thanks Rolf for the hint!

  3. I successfully installed the amd64 version of 2.6.1-1. It seems they have bundled the python package internally. I was not allowed to select the python from the synaptic without uninstalling the gimp. But it does not need the python package installed now. Not sure if this is accident or improvement. My python scripts seem to be there, so perhaps it is ok….

  4. Hey, i’m glad about the release of GIMP 2.6, but there is a problem with the screenshot tool. They say, that the cursor is catched in a separate layer, but when i do a screenshot with GIMP there isn’t any cursor in the picture.

  5. I had a problem with 2.6.1 the toolbox and the channels/layers docks are always in front of my image window on my windows XP PC. I reverted to 2.6.0. I’m experiencing this same issue with the .deb file from the get deb website on my Ubuntu installation on a hobby laptop. Is that behavior normal for 2.6.1?

  6. The Mac release of Gimp 2.6.1 at has exceeded my expectations thus far. 2.6.0 was rough in comparison on my machine, with many buttons inaccessible and features unavailable. I am running Leopard on a MacBook Pro and this release runs much, much faster and cleaner on my laptop then Gimp 2.4 did on a good day. Text rendering is more streamlined and filters are definitely running fast and smooth. I will continue exploring the new features and will comment if any troubles arise.

  7. that is EXACTLY what i’m trying to achieve, without success.. on my XP
    no matter what i set in the “window management” of gimp preferences

    i can’t have the toolbox ON TOP of the image window…

  8. Same issue for me as well. Running Win 2000 and toolbox and layers/channels docks revert to task bar when image window is activated. Tried all 3 setting under ‘Windows Management’. Also made sure GTK is installed in setup.

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