New Krita Videos – and a Kickstarter to help Krita

Ram贸n Miranda has published 4 short Krita tutorial videos as a support of the Kickstarter campaign to accelerate Krita development.

Krita is a Digital painting application for artists created by artists and is available for Linux and Windows. Maybe MacOS in future. It’s one of the Kickstarter goals for overfunding.

If you like Krita, throw some money at them. Money is so unpersonal, but it helps a lot. 馃槈 The intended 24 goals are on the web site of Kickstarter – and they look really worth to have!

Krita Kickstarter

Krita tip 01. Monotone image with Transparency Masks

Krita tip 02. Color curves with filter masks

Krita tip 03. Texturize your images. The easy way

Krita tip 04 Digital color mixer

Don’t forget that I’ll give away a copy of the Muses DVD by Ram贸n Miranda – if you want it, put a comment below Episode 199!

Episode 200 is under way, progress report are on the top of the side bar!

Episode 199: G’MIC

Download the Video! (33:10, 63MB)

No Companion File!

Watch at YouTube

G’MIC is a lot of things that do stuff with images. You have a stand alone program with a complete image manipulation and analysis programming language, an online service and a GIMP plugin that gives easy access to (nearly) the whole package. Don’t get G’MIC from other sources than their pages – the update cycle is so fast that package maintainers can’t keep up. The version recorded in the video is already outdated twice at the time of the publication.

G’MIC is mostly developed by Dr. David Tschumperl茅 of the GREYC, an institute at the University of Caen in France that is also part of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research). So definitely no hobbyist project.

I met David and his friend and colleague J茅r么me – also a scientist AKA Dr. J茅r么me Boulanger – at the LGM in Leipzig. Very nice guys! See Pat David’s wonderful blog post for more images and a report.

You can find information about G’MIC at their site in the very good and complete manual, at YouTUBE from G’MIC and David, at Pat David’s Blog and all over the Internets.

The second part of the video is a promotion for Ram贸n Miranda‘s very good training DVD “Muses”. It goes through the whole process of learning Krita – a graphics program under Linux and Windows, which is much better for painters than GIMP – up to finishing a real digital painting. You can buy the DVD at the Krita shop, 32.50鈧 is comparable to other kinds of such DVDs and the proceeds support the Krita Foundation.

I got this one for free – and I will give it away! If you want to have it, write a comment to this blog post before Episode 200 is published. Get your mail address right (it will only be visible to me) and mention that you want the DVD. After the deadline I’ll have some supposedly innocent children draw a winner.


00:00:00 Start of video
00:01:10 Installing the G’MIC Plugin for GIMP
00:03:00 Installing and using G’MIC as a stand alone program
00:10:00 G’MIC Online service
00:10:40 Using the G’MIC GIMP Plugin
00:13:40 Pencil Drawing emulation as an example
00:18:10 Film emulations and grain as an example
00:25:15 Spectral filters – Fourrier included
00:26:20 Plotting Graphs with G’MIC
00:26:50 Conclusion
00:29:20 Ramon Miranda’s Krita tutorial DVD
00:33:10 EOF

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GIMP Magazine 鈥 Issue 5

GIMP Magazine 5

Issue 5 of the GIMP Magazine

It’s here, the fifth issue of the GIMP Magazine. Including a long and great tutorial by Pat David, who also takes over the job of the Cover Girl.

And of course we have the results ot the Meet the GIMP Summer Challenge in there – all participiants have earned a place in the magazine.

Episode 193 of Meet the GIMP! will be out late next week.

Don’t Read Patrick David’s Blog!

patdavidPatrick runs a Blog about uninteresting things like photography, Open Source programs for photographers and graphics enthusiasts and other boring stuff. A recent five part series about the conversion of digital images into Black & White is especially to be avoided. I want to steal some of that stuff and you are not supposed to notice.

So, please don’t click on these links above and wait patiently for the next episode of Meet the GIMP. Intended release is on Feb 12 2013, it’s recorded and about half way through the editing process.

(The image is based on two images by Patrick David, License CC-BY-SA)

GIMP Magazine launches September 5th!

Great news, just CTRL-C CTRL-V from a mail form Steve:

GIMP Magazine features the amazing works created from this world wide community.聽 Photography, digital arts, graphic arts, web design, tips & tricks, step by step tutorials, master classes, help desk questions, product reviews and so much more are showcased and explored in this quarterly publication.聽 This publication is available for free and is licensed Creative Commons CC-AT-SA 2.5.


GIMP Magazine launches to the world on September 5, 2012 when people can:


We will be聽 hosting a launch party on the popular Canadian Technology and Pop Culture Podcast called Dyscultured.聽 Everyone is invited to attend this event and meet some of the GIMP Magazine team members, ask questions, and provide suggestions for upcoming issues!聽 The event will be LIVE to the world!聽 The GIMP Magazine team and the Dyscultured crew will also be in the chat, powered by none other than the open source Mibbit and IRC.聽 Yeah, the Dyscultured crew is all about the Creative Commons, open source, and all that!聽 So please attend and have some fun with a bunch of Canadians eh!


Starting at Issue #2 we are planning to make the magazine also available in print format, as well as specialized digital formats for tablet devices.聽 We are deep into the creation of Issue #2 that is tentatively scheduled for December 2012.聽 Submissions for Issue #2 will close September 30 2012. Issue #2 is filling up fast so use our new form and get your submissions in soon!


We would greatly appreciate it if you could help spread the word to your community, as I know they would find this free resource invaluable.聽 Posted on our website is our logo and a launch party graphic if you want to include it in a tweet, a blog post, story article, or simply forward this to your team.


Follow the discussions at:


Twitter (

Google+ (+GIMP Magazine)

Episode 180: Not for Grown Ups!

Download the Video! (23:24 46.4MB)

Tuxpaint is a painting software for kids between 3 and 100+. Well, the targeted audience ends at an age of 12, but it is still fun to use when you are older. Tuxpaint is available for Linux, Mac OS X and all Windows flavours. Of course it is under the GPL and so free to get and to be shared. The ease of use beats everything I have seen in the professional educational market and I am considering to get it into my school.

The user interface and availability of tools in Tuxpaint can be configured to adapt to the skill level of the user and the level of annoyance the environment is willing to tolerate. There are nice sound effects, but how often can you stand


Also printing can be disabled because space on the fridge and ink cartridges have limits. The configuration is done with a separate program which can be kept outside of the reach of the little end-user.

The show starts and ends with some information about the upcoming GIMP Magazine. I am somehow involved in the team now but I promise to keep my priorities on this project here.

And then there is an invasion of goats int GIMP and 16 bits and more are in reach.

If you want to become a member of the forum, just drop me a mail at and tell me your intended user name.


01:00 GIMP Magazine
02:00 Goat Invasion – GIMP will get a lot of progress soon
03:00 16 and 32 Bit already running in the Goat Invasion branch
05:10 Tuxpaint
05:55 Setting Tuxpaint up
09:00 The Toolset
10:00 Painting and brushes
11:10 Lines
11:45 New canvas
12:20 Shapes
13:35 Stamps
16:40 Text
17:30 Magic! (scripts and filters in a mixed bag)
20:20 Saving and recovering images
20:40 Templates for coloring
22:50 GIMP Magazine

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