Blender Video Editing someone?

As you can see in the comments to the last posting I am quitting with Cinelerra. I’ll use Blender from now on.

Has anyone pointers to a good tutorial for a quick start? I don’t need anything fancy for the begin, only the basics for cutting parts out of a video and glueing snippets together. The rest will follow.

I found the Wiki But before I go into this I’ll go and play Billiard! 🙂

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  1. Heads up, that link isn’t working.

    I went to and apart from the manual/wiki they have video tutorials. If you click Manuals & books there’s paid and what seems to be free information as well.

    I didn’t know you could do video editing with blender, I thought it was just for 3d graphics. Its impressive!

    Good luck.

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    look strange to me

    Have you some files left behind after the crash ?
    Are the path setings alright ?

    For really basic editing : Cuting pasting append files etc…… you can always use avidemux , avidemux2_qt4 is the graphical interface for me

  3. This is probably not the right place to ask a question but then again I don’t know where that place is. anyways I’m having a problem with the motion blur filter on GIMP when I choose motion blur (zoom type) with a higher length GIMP takes forever rendering with the bar at the bottom not even moving. (it never finishes rendering) am I the only one having this problem?

  4. Yep, I’ve played a bit with Blender’s video editing functions to, pretty impressive and open to creativity, but really overkill for a simple project like MTG. You can get lost in the different parameter really easily.
    Another thing I missed ( it’s perhaps there, but didn’t found it), is the absence of audio mixing capacity between different audio tracks, and how easy it is to loose synk with video tracks, I wasn’t able to lock the A/V tracks together. The only way I found was to select, every time, both tracks before moving…

  5. Audio mixing is possible, I saw a IPO curve tool for that – AFAIR. Locking might be a problem. In cinelerra you just arm the tracks you want to edit and they stay locked.

  6. Thank’s I will try that, Blender is so extensive, the potential is amazing, but not really intuitive, You need a serious technical knowledge off this software to accomplish simple task like this one, but if you’ve got the skill, it dose it magistraly ! 😉

  7. some time ago i found this vimeo channel by papasmurf

    really interesting, both for

    video editing (sequence editor)

    and image editing (node system)

    (many others)

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