Ansel Adams in Color

While you are waiting for the next episode (which will be a bit late because of changes in my schedule – recording is almost done) I have a link for you. The Master of Black and White in Full Color!

4 thoughts on “Ansel Adams in Color

  1. Allowing for the spectacular nature of some of the scenery and the excellence of the composition these images, in my opinion, do not have the same impact as they would have done if they had been produced in Adam’s inimitable black & white.

  2. Nice link. I will save this to cheer me up for bad pictures. His style really does not work as well in colour!

    Of course, they are still really good pictures, but his fingerprints are all over them, so it’s hard not to
    mentally recompose them to B&W. Can you find a link for Annie Leibowicz’s landscapes too please?

    Or, better yet, Karsh’s? (preferably in colour)

  3. *lol* Thanks! I didn’t dare to write that but now I know other people think similar… His images are nice and beautiful but not as breathtaking as his monochrome ones. The only real issue that you usually can’t see around is that he always shot in perfect light. Even if that would be 5 a.m. But that doesn’t make a perfect picture – not only. I personally would have composed some of those in a different way.
    I know how this sounds – the pupil challenges the teacher… But still… 😀

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