17 thoughts on “2.8 RELEASED!

  1. “they had the scoop even before gimp.org was updated.”

    Here’s the response from GIMP developers about it being posted before the site was update:

    Not a release until we say so.

    Truly yours, GIMP developers

    P.S. And please don’t make us think of evil things like banning your IP for FTP access. Spreading the news is great. Doing it before an official announcement is evil. It’s our right to reserve a certain level of surprise. Have some respect.

    • Oh, I am in the clear, I had the scoop after the update. But of course it is their right to announce the release.

      Where was this posted? (Found it – Comment from Alexandre at the Gimpusers post.)

    • The correct way to handle this, would have been to just put up a second release candidate out (it’s only a two line diff) and let the world laugh at someone who can’t read Gimp news. He won’t be doing it again.

      Way more interesting is that goats have invaded the master homelands! A lot of things have already changed.

      • Well, I’m not the most nice person in the world to deal with, but this is a little too much. We are in agreement with gimpusers.com now that we will collaborate on news posting.

        • Don’t worry — I wasn’t really being serious. If you came to a settlement that’s ok.

          Besides, it seems that 2.8 is already being overshadowed the development version, just two days later. I don’t think this has ever been the case in Gimp history.

  2. LibreGraphics Meeting in Vienna going on now. Can’t wait to see what was discussed. This coinciding with Gimp 2.8. release. Good week!.

  3. unfortunately not for Mac OS yet.
    We must wait.
    The other can work and we must wait.

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  5. Hello,

    I’ve been using Gimp 2.6.7 on Windows XP for quite a while now, and I don’t feel comfortable in making a move up to 2.8 without familiarising myself with it first. Is there a way to run both simultaneously?

    Also, will the plug-ins I use with 2.6 work with 2.8?


    • Plugins are compatible and will continue to work if you either have them in your user-specific plugin directory or — if they are installed separately from Gimp — don’t remove their packages.
      User interface-wise there’s not much change to 2.6 except the new option for single window mode and the new tools and layer groups. So, an upgrade will pose no problems.
      You can run both versions simultaneously — not at the same time, though — if you install them into different prefixes and use separate user configuration directories. No idea how to do this on Windows, sorry.

      • — “You can run both versions simultaneously — not at the same time, though…”

        Are you sure about this? If you can’t run both versions at the same time then this should be considered a bug.

        • You can’t run them at the same time because both use the same window classes and dbus registration. So any attempt at starting a second instance, no matter which version, will not succeed and just result in the already running version to be brought in focus.
          Two or more instances of the same version are possible, however.
          You could build Gimp without dbus support and force-start another copy, but your’re on your own then.

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