Episode 148: A Shot at Shotwell

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With Ubuntu 10.10 coming up there will be a change in the standard photo managing program. It will change from F-Spot to Shotwell. I installed the release candidate of Ubuntu in a virtual machine and gave Shotwell a try.

Not bad, really not bad. :-)

I assume there will be more to Shotwell here soon, this was really my very first impression of the current version. The experience with the version in Ubuntu 10.4 was quite, ehm, underwhelming. But they did a lot for the new one.

I had not much time to do this show, so there are some editing gaffes and no TOC.

The TOC by Kevin

00:25 Welcome from Rolf
00:38 Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meercat
01:29 Welcome to Shotwell – getting images into Shotwell
02:30 Import from Folder
03:40 Sidebar
05:20 Tagging images
07:30 Menus
08:20 Publishing on the web
08:45 Show in file manager – open file location
09:25 Preferences
10:20 Editing an image
12:50 Rating an image
14:25 Rating and filtering in the browser view
15:50 Full screen mode
17:05 Integration with Gimp
19:30 Does Shotwell understand .xcf files?
20:45 Summary
23:01 The end

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Plugin collection in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

One of the first Blogs worldwide to link to this project was “ang pilipino GIMP” from the Philipines. And now I am linking back. ;-)

He describes a new packet called gimp-plugin-registry in the repositories of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), that contains 14 useful plugins. Among them stuff for making exposure blends, monochrome images with film look and feel, David’s Batch Processor, Liquid Rescale and GREYCstoration. Look at his posting for more details.