Episode 109: Make Money with GIMP! (1)

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BackgroundYou challenged Philippe to make a bill of a currency from scratch. It is a lot more complicated than it looks at the first glance – of course – otherwise I would print some Euro notes at the beginning of the week instead of going into the school for earning my pay. ūüėČ

Bills have a complicated background for discouraging counterfeiters. Philippe analyses the background of a 10 SFR bill from his home country and then combines two images from an analysis of Linux filesystems to the intricate pattern on the right.

The  foreground of the note will be finished in his next show.


00:20 Philippe looks at a 10 SFR bill and tells a bit about his home country
04:00 Looking for a motive for the bill – Visual expedition into the Linux file system
06:50 Draging an image from the Web into GIMP
07:00 Two ways of cropping a layer
09:30 Scale the layer to the final size
10:15 Flipping the layer (mirror it)
11:20 Duplicating the layer
12:20 More volume with “self bumping” (bump map explained)
17:00 Texture with Gimppressionist?
18:00 another texture from the web
19:20 Scaling to adjust to the rest of the image – get out the calculator
22:00 Duplicate and adjust
25:20 Reduce to image size
26:00 Making paper structure with Gimpressionist
27:15 Clipping out the dots out of the texture
28:30 Bumping the dots
30:30 A place fot the water mark
32:20 Filling the layer mask with a gradient (blend tool)
35:00 Room for text (bilinear blend)
37:00 Good bye

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