PaintMono = Paint.NET ported to Unix

Marcin pointed me to this: Miguel de Icaza writes on his blog about the port of Pant.NET to the Mono platform. It is available this way for all Unixes.

Perhaps worth a look.

3 thoughts on “PaintMono = Paint.NET ported to Unix

  1. I tried to buld it (fast & dirty) on my 7.10 Kubuntu (running in Virtual Box), but it lacked all toolboxes inside the main window and crashed due to save actions. So it should be build a bit more carefully 🙂
    The windows version seems to be promising.

  2. Please, please, stay away from that Icaza guy with his Micosoft-patent-encumbered crap (evolution, mono, moonlight, …)
    Keep Linux clean.

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