Links: 188-189

Just to fill the week between the episodes – some links for you.

  • Find images under Creative Commons licenses with matching colours at TinEye.
  • Creative Commons? Yes, they need some money. 😉
  • German photographer/digital artist/photoshop trainer Calvin Hollywood has a rather unique style to his photography. It’s a sort of edgy, gritty, hyper-realistic result, almost a blend between illustration and photography. Find out how to do something similar im GIMP at Pat David’s blog.
  • Learn all about the power of Curves at Cambridge in Colour. It’s about “The Other Program” but true for GIMP too.
  • Scripts and scripting for GIMP is covered by Some contributors sound vaguely familiar. 😉
  • GIMP team revitalizes astrophotography tools. Alexandre Prokoudine at Libre Graphics World reports and adds a bit of documentation. See also Episode 156 about this topic.
  • All the Math behind panoramas and more from the MAA.

Anything to add from your side of the computer?