Episode 048: Straight Lines (and a not so straight life)

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This one is really short and made in a hurry. I show you a surprise parcel and my plan for a vacation in Croatia. Then it is a bit about GIMP – how to draw simple figures. I start with a straight line and end with a curved path. While editing I found a lot missing that should have been told here. Well, there will be a next episode. ;-)

You can order the DVD from Derek Shaw. Price per DVD is £5.00 pounds sterling plus £1.50 pounds sterling for postage and packing. They will be on eBay too soon.

The Free Festival (festival of free technologies and new community practices) in Croatia is here. There will be also a guest speaker from the Blender crew, a great program.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 048: Straight Lines (and a not so straight life)

  1. …looking forward to see what’s in the parcel… :))

    btw, i know much of Blender, as an enthusiast, and since some week i wished to suggest you to “explore” i, meinly because:
    1) yes it is a huge program
    2) somebody some times ago created Verse, a graphic protocol enabling “communication” between graphics programs, and it is possible to share work between gimp and blender, for example, over a wan, – in real time – in a collaborative way. and the same should be possible between two distant gimp users, though. interesting.
    3) recently found that blender compositing nodes system has a lot to share with gimp about all the methods to edit pictures (and the same applies to video, btw); you should really keep an eye on it.


  2. It’s only for UK residents? What a pity.
    And it´s fine to see you´re still putting some energy into this odyssee!

  3. I think the postage in Europe should be not that much more.

    Now nearly everything is back on track, even the torrents are back, I’ll have more time in two to three weeks and then make some further improvements.

  4. I was hoping you will say a few words about festival in Cakovec, Croatia. Many thanks… :)

    I’m so curious about Derek’s DVD, maybe we can provide Croatian version for Croatian GIMP fans. There is no doubt Derek did a great job, I can’t wait to see DVD.

  5. @Rolf: i’ll try, but in these days i’m too busy. I just returned yesterday from a week in Berlin (do you know? :-)) and all july is really busy, form me. but yes, i’ll definitely try. i owe you so much for MTG! bye!

  6. With Rolf kind permission I have published the video compilation of 46 Video’s I am prepared to post to Europe without incurring further charges. I have not yet been asked to post further. Provided the cost is not excessive I will post, however if the cost are not covered in the original assessment I reserve the right to be compensated for additional expenditure. As this is only postal cost I can not envisage costs being much greater than that quoted already. A direct Paypal button is available for one or more purchases at the following address.


  7. Marco thankyou for the vote of confidence with the Video I am happy to do more if requested to do so. I will extend this invitation to Blender and Inkscape provided your viewers are interested, I would say I am interested in extending the program further.

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