Episode 004: A Ship in the Fog (2) – Correcting Colours

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In this episode of my video podcast I show how to correct colours with layers in GIMP.

For reducing the green tint of the image I add a layer filled with a bright magenta (white minus a bit green) and set the layer mode to “multiply”. This reduces the green in the image proportional to the amount of green in each pixel. The amount of the effect can be adjusted by changing the opacity of the layer or changing the colour of the layer.

Then I add a bit of blue with a layer filled with a very dark blue (black plus a bit blue) and set the layer mode to “screen”. Now the blue in each pixel is enhanced proportionally. This can also be adjusted.

Colourcorrection with the Gimp

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00:22 Welcome
00:43 Correcting colour using curves
01:43 Correcting colour using a layer
02:28 Multiply layer
03:25 Change the colour of the multiply layer
04:39 Adjust the ammount of correction using opacity
05:30 Adding blue
05:52 Screen mode layer
08:07 The End
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13 thoughts on “Episode 004: A Ship in the Fog (2) – Correcting Colours

  1. Dear Mr Steinort,
    I am a teacher at the Heidelberg International School. I am starting to show my gr 10 students how to use GIMP to improve their digital photos. I really like your video casts and I learn a lot from each one (I am also new to GIMP – I have used PhotoShop for many years, but PhotoShop is very expensive for our school). Is it ok with you if I use them in my classes at school?

    Kind Regards


  2. Yes, of course! The more the better! ;-)

    The podcast is licensed under the Creative Commons. You can use it everywhere, copy it, sell it, dub it, cut it up and make a new one… Just keep my name somewhere in it.

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  4. I appreciate the podcasts – thank you for the effort. I am new to image manipulation software, so each lesson helps a lot. In episode 4, you used 2 layer modes to achieve the effect you wanted – color reduction, and color addition. I think working on a particular task is the best way to learn, but you might also consider a lesson in which you explain the basic uses for all of the many layer modes. There are so many options in so many areas of the GIMP, and an introduction to the options in some of the more important dialogs would help.

  5. Thank you for doing these tutorials. I have just started to use Gimp and they are a great help and open the program up for me, I still have a lot to see and am looking forward to them. Very nice great work !

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  7. Thank you very much for the effort you are putting into these videos. They give a very good introduction to how to work with the software as well as techniques for manipulating photos. It really saves a lot of time to learn the basics from someone else. Vielen dank!

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  10. i am not able to download episode 3 4 5 message says file corrupted your explanation of GIMP is excellent to me as i am an electronics engineer and an amateur photographer. i viewed on youtube. iam interested in down loading all episodes pl advise

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