Episode 187: Cleaning Up

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The last episode got a lot of comments – thank you all for them! And in this episode I try to follow all of the tips you gave me. I remember layer groups and drop shadows, see that Alpha to selection is really better and fight with Copy&Paste in the text tool.

I got a present too – a fine script in Scheme for generating the title screen. Of course that has to be explored. Did you know that you can export the content of a selection as a new image by key stroke? I found out about SHIFT-CTRL-V. Saul’s script gets also a first analytical look – Scheme looses its terror if you come close.

Matthias pointed to an other Colour Design site and the GIMP Magazine will publish a new issue next week.

And finally I take a good look at the “Blender Master Class”, a very fine book about the 3D software Blender.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:40 Using chapter marks in the video
00:01:30 Layer groups
00:05:23 Alpha to Selection – better than selecting by color
00:09:00 Drop shadow filter
00:10:10 Copy and Paste with the text tool is a bit broken
00:13:37 A script in Scheme
00:14:12 Exporting selections from GIMP as graphic image files / Create from clipboard
00:15:20 Exporting vs. saving – don’t discuss, just follow your orders! 😉
00:16:30 Installing a Scheme (.scm) script
00:17:30 Testing the script
00:18:45 Comparing the results
00:19:30 Analyzing the script
00:25:40 Thanks to Saul Goode
00:26:16 Another Color Design website
00:26:45 GIMP Magazine launch ahead
00:27:30 Book review: Blender Master Class, Ben Simonds
00:35:45 End of video

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5 thoughts on “Episode 187: Cleaning Up

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  3. Hi Rolf

    The fastest way to get to the “Alpha to selection”-command is to use the docked layer window. Just right click on the layer in the list you want to get the selection from and choose the option “Alpha to selection”.

    Copying text with different colors and text sizes to another text area did work fine on my PC (gimp 2.8.4 portable).

    And thank you the shows you are producing. I did learn a lot watching them.

  4. Hi Rolf
    I´ve been learning a lot from your videos. Your work is excellent. I´ll keep watching.
    Thank you very much.

Anything to add from your side of the computer?