Episode 147: The Looming Tower

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Download the companion file with the images used
I took an image of the Czech embassy here in Berlin from an angle where it looked really oppressing and alien. And in this episode I try to make the image much more oppressing and alien.

After finding a suitable crop I try two ways to achieve this. Changing the overall contrast and the colours with the curves tool and then a monochrome version with the GEGL filter c2g. All images used are in the companion file.

If you look at the image at the right and compare it to the original you’ll miss the pattern in the left window. It’s a moire effect that I saw in the zoomed out image on my screen. I kept it in the image by downscaling it in “linear” mode and not with one of the fancier ones that one would use by standard.

In the beginning I talked about the need for a poster for the courses of the Aurora ARTWorks. I’ll post more about this in the following week.

The TOC:

00:20 New sound stuff
03:30 Rena Church asks for help
04:25 The image to tackle
05:30 The plan
05:55 Rotate
07:10 Guide lines in GIMP 2.7 – workaround for beta
07:50 Crop
11:20 Duplicate the layer for backup
11:30 Changing the mood with curves
14:40 Second approach – Monochrome with GEGL c2g
18:00 Adding a vignette
19:30 Finetuning with opacity of layers
21:45 2 images – 1 XCF
22:05 Exporting

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9 thoughts on “Episode 147: The Looming Tower

  1. Hi Rolf,
    i like your choice of framing for the embassy. We have a lot of old and interesting buildings in the city but i never seem to be quite able to decide what to shoot and what to leave out so the photo doesn’t get disconnected too much from its original meaning.

    If the concrete were more green and plastic it could really resemble something from the movie. Makes you wonder what lurks behind those windows…

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