Episode 144: Greek Scripts

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Download the companion file with the images used

This is the first episode made by Philipp (note the missing “e”) and he has done an entire hour with two topics.

First he develops a script in Python for applying a vignette effect to your images. It shows that he is a much better programmer than me.

In the second part he has a shot of a “For Sale” poster (the self made ones with the phone number at the bottom for tearing off) in Greek and shows, how to make a version with your own believable text out of it.

You can get his original image and the script in the companion file. The XCF is lost, sorry.

My only contribution is slapping the music and bumpers on and the image on the right which has a vignette and Python written in Greek. ;-) If you like Phillip’s show, shower him with nice comments here. Perhaps he will make more shows then. :-)

Meet the GIMP will make a video publication break until the first week in September. I’ll use the time to move and settle, clear up the blog and server, work out the feed and torrent problems, get the mobile version running again and hopefully produce some shows in advance for filling weeks suffering of time theft. Then I’ll be back on a regular one week schedule – it is better for me and you.

Up to now there is no TOC for this show.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 144: Greek Scripts

  1. I checked some details:

    - the duplicated lines in the registration part of the plugin are long and short help / information text and author / copyright.
    - you can change code, you only need to restart Gimp when you make changes in the register part (you can see during Gimp startup that it checks for new plugins), at least this is the experience I had when I made the video
    - to get the effect that Rolf uses in his image above, you should make the cirlcle’s radius configurable, maybe with a slider (PF_SLIDER) or an integer or float (PF_INT, PF_FLOAT) which is interpreted as percentage or some such.

  2. Philipp, I like your video! There are some very interesting approaches, didactically well presented. I’m really looking forward to your next contribution. :-)
    BTW, starting Gimp temporarily with English menus is quite simple: just run the following two lines in your console:
    export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

  3. Thanks a lot for this video!!!

    Looking at someone write a plugin from scratch, specialy seeing the workflow of looking up the function names etc was extremely useful.

  4. The vignette effect would be a bit more realistic, if you create a layer, that is bigger than the image itself, fill it black, cut the hole out of it, blur it and then reduce the layer size to the one of the image. The only difference is, that the layer is bigger than the image.
    Why? It has impact on the blur. This way, the blur will be a bit more continuous.
    But anyway, thanks for your very interesting podcast.

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