Episode 121: Transparent Transformations and Getting Rich with GIMP

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I had not enough time this week to make a proper show about the results of my challenge. (Next week I’ll have no school! :-) ) Instead I make the blog image for the next show in this one. You’ll see a bit about the transform tools (rotate, scale, sheer and perspective) which have picked up a transparency slider somewhere since the show I made about them. Very nice to have! I was pointed to that by Jan Kardel’s video.

If you want to make an incredible amount of money it is a good idea to learn GIMP. Sergey Brin did that, created the logo of his startup and got rich. I downloaded the xcf and peeked under the hood. Just standard stuff – as you have seen by Philippe. ;-)


03:00 Grabbing images from the web
04:30 Elipse select tool
05:00 Copy and paste between images
05:30 Shrink (scale) a layer
07:25 Blurring with a layer mask and the blend tool
09:45 Copy and paste between images
10:35 Don’t work on the layer mask
11:25 Move the layer
11:55 Scale the layer
14:10 Rotate the layer
15:30 Revealing parts of a layer with a mask
17:30 Cropping to a square
18:20 Scale the image
18:40 Exporting to png
19:45 The GOOGLE logo in GIMP
22:10 Analysis

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13 thoughts on “Episode 121: Transparent Transformations and Getting Rich with GIMP

  1. I do not like the second picture you use. It does not fit the style of meet the gimp and maybe is the reason for so many spam kids in the last time flooding you. I think the rules should be amanded to disallow such pictures in the future. I regularly view meetthegimp with my two children since they are now old enough to use a camera and edit the pictures in gimp and it really helps them learning English because they want to understand it. But I was very embarrassed when this picture came up and is even declared winning the competition. I would very like to see this things prevented in the future because I do not want have to preview every issue to check if it is ok for my children.

  2. I have absolutely no clue what you see offending or unsuitable for kids in the image.


    I see a young woman, fully clothed. She is just standing there, obviously enjoying her outfit. On the way to a party? A good guess. It’s a little bit sexy, but which party outfit isn’t? And why not? I see more skin and tighter clothes every day on the street, in the papers or on the school yard. At least here in Germany, I haven’t checked in Iran lately.

    The style of “Meet the GIMP” is mostly mine, adjusted to be compatible with a broad audience. The topics are constrained (more or less) to image processing technology, photography, graphics and art. BTW, art includes also a big department of depictions of the human body without clothes. It would be on topic here and shown, if someone provided a video tutorial about post processing an artistic nude.

    Live and let live.

    The outcome of the challenge (no competition) was decided by chance, not by merit or taste. And I doubt that spammers look for the content, they look for traffic. It’s less now than it has been months ago.

    On a personal/professional note let me say the following: In my experience over 15+ years of teaching kids between 10 and 18 and having given sex education to hundereds of children I have seen that children with an open mind and knowledge about sexuality and the changes and desires of their body cope way better. Less stress, less drama, concious decisions and less teenage pregnancies. I think you do no favour to your kids if you even keep them away from such harmless pictures.

  3. Is this dress (or costume) of the girl a kind of Manga style? I’m no expert on this field. A few weeks ago we had a big Manga congress in Bonn. About 13.000 kids from all over the country took part and our streets were crowded with young people funny dressed, very similar to Nachbarnebenan’s girl. The atmosphere was quite frisky. This role playing movement is just another harmless way of expression for young people who try to be different, just as we tried in adolescence. I’m very happy that the photographic documentation of our juvenile ways to demonstrate our individuality was not forbidden. We have a lot of fun and entertainment watching some images from the 80s, don’t we? ;-)

  4. >I have absolutely no clue what you see offending or unsuitable for kids in the image.

    I get lots of these negative messages and sometimes comments to my 23 account. I kinda got used to it quite fast. However, here in the city I never experienced someone complaining. Except a tourist who didn’t know about it and ran out of film rolls for her camera.

    >On the way to a party? A good guess.

    Possible, but seems like a little bit early, this was around noon or so. She was about to take the cab she’s standing in front of, probably going to one of the concerts in the afternoon.

    > Is this dress (or costume) of the girl a kind of Manga style?

    No, it’s from the annual Wave Gotik festival, although some of the costumes may be cosplay-inspired. You can find more in my album here http://www.23hq.com/nachbarnebenan/album/4427465 or just search for it.

  5. I had a quick look at your album and I am amazed at the efforts some people must have made to dress up as they did. I do not understand German so please, what is the significance of Wave Gotik and why have a festival which seems, from your images, to be mainly a female thing?

  6. Kinda hard to explain – best idea is to look at Wikipedia. Search for “Wave-Gotik-Treffen”. And it’s not only a female event. Just search google.

  7. It is really disturbing. I switched the picture provider from flickr to 23 because of the strict noporn policy. Because my children use it that is important. I pay for that. And now in the most seen list I see a picture with my children on it right next to one I do not even want in some back alley shop.Terms of service are just words on paper when there is money to get. I will not refresh the payment and look for another provider again. It was the christmas present for my children and it became bad.

    [Edit from Rolf: This comment stuck in the filter until Oct. 5 12:25]

  8. I suppose to some people there is something sinister about the Goth ethos but it appears to be no worse or better than Halloween and other similar ‘celebrations’. Just an excuse to dress up and have a good time.
    The photo opportunities appear to be endless.

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