Episode 113: Access Control

113Download the HD-Video! (30.6 MB, 16:05)
Download the Video for iPods etc (14.1 MB, 16:05)
I hope this episode plays well on all computers and programs – the encoding should be supported by Quicktime and iTunes. Thanks to Tavo for figuring this out.

There is no GIMP in this episode, there is a bit of F-Spot, but mostly it’s about a new photography project I am starting. I want to make a series of images about means of “Access Control” and thought a bit about it in the video. (The content could have been better structured, but I was with my head more in video encoding and work flows than photography.) Is this still on topic of this show? I had requests for more photography centric stuff – but what do you think? Please write a comment here in the blog.

I point you to Jeff Curto’s podcast Camera Position, where you can find very valuable material about making a photography project from episode 73 on. Jeff is a professor and his lectures about the history of photography are also online as a podcast.

If you want to discuss my project, go to the Forum!

No time for a TOC at the moment.

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17 thoughts on “Episode 113: Access Control

  1. You’re going to start the conspiracy theorists speculating on what happened to episode 113…

    Plays OK on Apple Quicktime on Windows XP, although it is very slightly wider than my monitor

    (By Rolf: Thanks for the hint, the headline announced #114, not #113. I fixed that, hopefully before any links were made.)

  2. Hallo Rolf,

    vielen Dank für den Wechsel auf HD-Format. Obgleich der erst Versuch nicht Mac-geeignet war (ich verwende MIRO auf einem MacBook), muss ich sagen: Perfekt! Einfach Perfekt. Die Qualität, besonders im Anbetracht der Dateigrösse, ist überwältigend. Da sehe ich Vodcasts mit grösseren Dateien in schlechterer Qualität und kürzerer Spieldauer – üblicher Weise. Der ‘neue GIMP vodcast’ übertrifft alles, was ich bisher gesehen habe.

    Ich bin begeistert!

    Viele Grüsse,

  3. Absolutely perfect, no problems what so ever. Both audio and video crisp and clear!

    Many thanks to all those involved :D

  4. (heh) Now we’re gonna’ need some podcast coverage discussing how the fancy intro was made!

    Re: whether it’s ok to err..’focus’ on photographic topics even to the exclusion of GIMP: sure! I always especially enjoy getting a glimpse into your thinking process (and tools, workflow, etc). You know, even though you didn’t show any GIMP, you did talk a little about white balance, cropping strategy, and possible appeal of monochrome conversions, which does tie into the planning process for GIMP work.


  5. Hi Rolf,

    The encoding seems to have done the trick. Plays great in iTunes. I tried it without the avc1 decoder also, no problems.

    I wanted to provide a warning for anyone who has or is thinking about downloading the avc1 decoder I had previously posted about. My iTunes app is currently experiencing uncharacteristic kernel errors and shutting down. This problem is happening after adding the plug-in to quicktime. I have removed the plug-in but no improvement in the problem. I am not sure whether my problem is the plug-in changing something, or if it is completely unrelated to the plug-in. I thought I should communicate my problems just in case. I wouldn’t want anyone to have trouble based on my advice.

  6. First of all: Plays nicely in VLC and MPlayer. All problems from the last episode were gone :D

    Secondly, I really think this is a great topic for MTG. Of cause it’s a podcast about GIMP, not photography. But anyway — as long as you show your work by means of open-source tools it will be a perfect lesson. People could learn your workflow — from thinking about the project to shooting the images, manage them, edit them and publish them finally. It wouldn’t be just snapshots of insights into this way but the whole thing. Can’t remember seeing this on any other podcast :)

  7. I like the idea of your project being included in the podcast. Although the podcast is focused on Gimp it’s very much a personal podcast and as such it should include the wider world, especially as I can see future Gimp usage directly relating to the project.

  8. Superb quality, despite the really small download. Congratulations!

    As for the project, it does sound really interesting, so count my vote for including it in the show.

  9. As said above: no problems using VLC or iTunes on a Mac. Great quality !

    I am looking forward to follow your project. GIMP is still there in the back of your head / the head of your audience and will certainly play a more visible role as the project progresses.


  10. Hi Rolf,
    Motto : There’s a first time for everything.

    This is I believe the first mail that I have ever written in response to a web site. Why because I was always happy to be a passive listener. I am new to the gimp, I am new to meet the Gimp ( still on the early shows) and relatively new to photography. Your shows are very informative and a great motivator to go out and try something new – this I have been doing over the past few months and am really enjoying it. I can imagine that after 2 years you are also looking for some new challenges.

    Does it fit to the format of this show? I believe so ( not sure that after 20 episodes I am really qualified to answer?). Although your new project is not my cup of tea I will be avidly listening to see where your going to be taking us, looking forward to the hurdles and the process you will have to overcome and interested to see where you land with your project and of course, as with all tutorials, how I can use this for myself.

    Again many , many thanks

  11. Hi Rolf,

    great podcast! I came to your show via the f-shot episodes, which are linked on the f-shot homepage. And now I saw (more or less) each episode and I am very eager and waiting for the next episode to come. I couldn’t barely wait ’til it comes out.

    I find the topic of this episode very interesting and I am looking forward to see the progress and evolvement of your project. First of all I think this podcast is your project and you can do what you want with it. And I think to try new ways is the best one can do. To change topic and rules is an advantage of a podcast over, lets say, a “real” radio broadcast, I think. This new topic opens your show and makes it attractive to a wider audience. It’s like the descision to have Philippe with you, how does something else with GIMP than you, this already gave you a wider audience, I guess.

    And apart from that, it is a great topic and it will have a great connection to gimp in the future, that I am pretty sure of, at least at the point when it comes to preparing the pictures.

    And now something completely different: In the show notes you state that the podcast is licensed under CC 3.0, but in the video it is written version 2.0, as far as I know. I don’t know if this is intended or even important, but I thought I mention it.


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