Episode 100: Windtunnels and Tonal Ranges


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This is Show 100! Exactly 2 years after I put the first posting on the blog.

I wanted to do something special – for example an interview with Sven Neumann. But he has had no time – you’ll hear about it in the video.

But I could help out a bit with a scientific project – finding out how much a airplane wing bends in a wind tunnel. This is still work in progress, you can follow it here.

You can find the cross stitch script in the forum.

And then we have a new script out of our secret Script Writers Guild. It’s the tonal range selection script and it can do some very weird stuff. ;-) And either Bert has bugged my computer or can read minds – he included the stuff I wanted to have without having seen the video. :-)


00:20 Show 100!
01:00 Congratulations to Sven Neumann!
04:10 The problem – measure wing deformation
06:20 The images
07:00 Stacking images in layers
07:30 Aligning the images
12:20 Cropping
12:50 Saving as XCF
13:20 Calibrating the setup
14:30 Measurement tool
15:20 Making a grid
17:00 Putting lines on the wing tips
19:30 Making a grid with horizontal lines
20:30 Turning the grid into a ruler
21:10 Beware of wrong selections
22:10 Pintin straigth lines
24:30 Save each layer as JPEG
26:20 Recap
28:00 Happy Birthday!
29:30 Cross stich script
30:30 Tonal range selection script
32:20 Simple DRI/HDR with the script
33:10 Installing the script
34:50 Testing the script
43:20 Wrapping up the script
44:50 Selection instead of new layer
46:00 Good bye and spread the word!

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16 thoughts on “Episode 100: Windtunnels and Tonal Ranges

  1. Congratulations on the 100th show. Please keep up your amazing work! Meet the GIMP has given me a lot – not only did you teach me loads about GIMP, you and your show also encouraged me to continue with photography and image editing when I doubted myself. Thanks for the last 100 shows, I am really looking forward to see the next 100!

  2. Moin Rolf!

    Congratulations for show # 100!!!! Great job!!!! The Gimp was a program I never understood before I started watching your shows. You can be proud of keeping at it over two years. So I want to say thanks and please keep going on!!!!!

    Bye – Jotty

  3. Moin!

    Congratulations for the 100th Video!
    Dat hest Du goot mookt! Man wieder so!

    Greetings from the Südoldenburger Münsterland


    BTW: Congratulations to Sven and his Family!

  4. Congratulations, Rolf!

    Thank you for your unique pleasant and entertaining way to make difficult issues easy to understand. And thank you for making MTG a 3-digit-project! MTG is a piece of luck for the complete Gimp movement. :-)

    ps. Be reassured! Somebody who not even carries it off to update his Gimp will never bug your computer. Your second hypothesis is valid ;-)

  5. Rolf,

    Congratulations. I’ve watched every episode. Many of them more than once. A couple of years ago I decided that I would like to learn Gimp but … never got around to it.

    Thanks so much. This has been a fascinating journey and I’ve learned a lot.


  6. Congratulations to Rolf (& Philippe) on your outstanding work, I’m already looking forward for your introduction to Gimp Ver. 5.0!

  7. congratulations!!!
    good work guys. I learned a lot. Thank you so much for that.
    it`s a loveley way to get along with complex topics. please get on with it!
    hearty welcome to little problem, the 53cm 3.6kg heavy Java :-)

  8. Congrats on the two-year anniversary! No good deed goes unpunished, I hope it has been rewarding.

    Cool problem, it was very nice of you to address it. I hope ‘aa2105′ will keep us informed as to progress.

    I like your water picture, some nice texture there and a good way to illustrate Bert’s layer masking. I think
    I will keep this picture in mind as something to try if I ever run into fast-moving water and I have a camera
    with me.

    I think you might have had less issues with glare with a polarizing filter, although for myself I don’t like
    the way they make water transparent in a thoroughly unrealistic-looking way. I had some happy accidents
    that turned out very nicely when I took some ocean pictures on a very rough day. They ended up looking
    like beaten metal. Since then I often take pictures of any water that I think looks interesting.

  9. Thank you very much for the first 100 interesting, instructive and mostly fun episodes. It’s a real pleasure watching them (since I’ve only started watching the show this year I had a kind of compressed experience).
    I like your somewhat cynical, sometimes even a little bit sarcastic style very much, it’s just the right mix. Especially the idea to shoot the background before the bridal photo is very useful (and very evil ;-) and I’ve already done this. However I absolutely love your suggestion from saving a chapel to wire the trigger of a portable nuke to your camera’s hotshoe to fix those badly underexposed shadows.
    It’s these little things that differentiate from other shows and I hope your pupils at school know to appreciate the privilege having you as their teacher.

  10. Congratulations on episode 100!

    And just a little icing on your 100th episode/2 year anniversary, I will be showing my students GIMP as a powerful and useful image editing program. Free to use and just as powerful as opposed to some other image editing programs.


  11. Thank you for your great work and for the knowledge you share with the community. tou are making The Gimp bigger and bigger.

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  13. Tremendous piece of writing! Love it if more relished our digesting. Im hoping to see way more from your business. I do believe may possibly incredible understanding or mission. My group is extraordinarily content in this area material.

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