Episode 096: Carved in Stone

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96Philippe has a problem with Software Patents – and so he makes a headstone for them.

Todays topic is simulating a stone carving. Again Philippe starts with an analysis of the real world: how do we perceive the depth of a carving? It’s not only a drop shadow, like in so many illustrations. For “believability” additional highlights and some effects from dirt and imperfections are also important. Then he constructs these details in a very convincing way.

From the forum discussion about this episode:

Regarding the theme of software-patents I want to bring in
the link to the petition against software-patents here:


Please read the information and sign the petition…
…and spread the word, please!

Softwarepatents are absolutely contarily to free software,
and even commercial (and also closed source software) vendors
can get problems by them. But for open source they are extremely

For Software there is the copyright law, and it’s well suited.
Software-patents are… well, how to say it… they are… hmhhhh,
they are …. evil.(GIMPel)

Nothing to add! Sign the petition, they are not dead yet.

stopsoftwarepatents.eu petition banner

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4 thoughts on “Episode 096: Carved in Stone

  1. Here’s a TOC:

    Episode 096: Carved in Stone
    00:18 Welcome from Phillipe
    00:32 Today’s project – a challenge from Dan
    02:35 Observe a real world carving
    05:15 Mayang’s Free Textures
    07:32 Planning the required features
    09:30 Add an alpha channel and create the layers for the features
    11:00 Layout the text and make the text layer full size
    13:30 Make a box round the text
    15:10 Distort the text and box to add imperfections and cut it out
    16:57 Remove the highlights from the carving using curves
    18:45 Create drop shadow
    21:20 Create dirt
    23:15 Create highlight bevel and shadow bevel
    26:35 What could be done next
    27:40 Summary of today’s episode
    29:35 The End

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