Episode 087: The second Spot of F-Spot (2)

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f-spot-galThis is the second show about F-Spot – one week late because of sound problems.

Edit: I have said something wrong in the video: The hotkey for opening the tag entry is “t”, not “Ctrl-t”. “Enter” validates the input and “Esc” closes the entry field.
It’s about editing images and exporting them into image sharing sites or into folders. Even a gallery creation function is provided, see the image on the right. The editing is only suitable for simple, quick edits. But you can call GIMP or UFRaw to help with heavier stuff. The images produced by these programs are also stored in the database of F-Spot. Only XCF files are not known to F-Spot – a real drawback in my eyes. Perhaps a later version will include them. At version 0.5 there is still room for an other feature. ;-)

F-Spot is expandable. You can get a lot of plugins on the F-Spot homepage or write your own.
I’ll use F-Spot from now on as my image database solution.
F-Spot stores the images in a system of folders (year/month/day), so backup or access with other programs is not a problem. While backing up you should include the F-Spot database, or all your tags will be gone. I shy away from the option to include the metadata in the original files – perhaps I am paranoid.


02:45 Copy images with drag and drop
03:24 Why I shot in manual mode
04:30 Adjusting colours with F-Spot edit mode
06:15 F-Spot makes new versions of the images
06:30 Export to 23hq, flickr and more sites
09:40 Exporting to GIMP
12:00 Sorry, no XCF supported
13:00 Develop in UFRaw
14:50 More export filters
14:40 Making a Web gallery in seconds
18:00 Adding a tag from the keyboard
18:36 Managing extensions for export and editing

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11 thoughts on “Episode 087: The second Spot of F-Spot (2)

  1. Thank you for another enjoyable episode and, like you, I think I prefer to do my editing in gimp. You mentioned tif as a possibility but I don’t think F-Spot recognises tif either.

  2. I was especially pleased to see the “make a copy” option (or something similarly named) which you demonstrated in the editing. In general, would you say F-Spot makes it (hopefully *very*) difficult to overwrite your original? I Ignoring the raw images that not everybody has :-( I am looking for assurances that F-Spot managed files does not put the originals at risk of inadvertent modification.

    Out of curiosity, perhaps you could describe your sound problems and what the solution was (when you have won the battle).


  3. It is difficult to kill or alter the original file, except if you click the wrong button. Perhaps this would be a nice option in the settings – “always make a copy”

    The sound problem has two parts which are perhaps one and the same. My sound setup with pulseaudio went south after an upgrade of some software. And demorecorder started to have garbeled sound on some recordings – not all. Now I am recording on plain old alsa…..

  4. I have used f-spot with the “Write metadata to file” option turned on for a few months and never had any problems. I even went through a reconstruction of the f-spot database and it detected and restored all my tags from the JPEGs.

    I recommend turning the option on.

  5. Playing about, as I do, I have noticed that when I select ‘Preferences’ the application closes. Before I file a bug report, I wonder if any one else has met this difficulty.

  6. Well, I’m that paranoid as well, I never have any application whatsoever, edit my original files. Writing EXIF info not as straightforward as it sounds… Applications can do this badly with you noticing it immediately…

    Also, backuping up the f-spot database is trivial…

  7. Having looked further into the crashing of F-Spot it would appear to be something specific to the machine I am using and will need someone far more knowledgeable than me to sort it out. I apologise to readers here for taking up the space.

  8. nice podcast

    some quick notes…
    - it’s “t”, not “control-t” to enable the tag entry
    - it’s “Esc”, not “Enter” to close it, “Enter” validate the changes
    - the xcf stuff is not only a matter of f-spot being able to load xcf, but also to be able to launch the gimp with a –saveas option…

    @Norman, I think I fixed this, but feel free to file a bug


  9. Even if this episode is older, I would like to add something:

    It’s a good idea to avoid having F-Spot writing to the EXIF data of the image.. because it has a bug which results in changing the date/time of the exposure.. by 2 hours or so.

    May not be a big fault at a first glance, but it’s disastrous for all who use geotagging equipment.

    The bug is quite old (2006 or so) but no one sorted this out until now.. even the importance of this bug in the bugtracker hasn’t been regarded as “severe” or “critical” (which it is, in my eyes) but just as normal.

    The importance has been raised now in 2009, but that’s about it (and there are already a dozen of duplicates of this bug in the bugtracker.. so the people have indeed a problem with this bug).

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