Episode 081: Winter!

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This show has a new encoding, so it may not be playable on every device. I wanted to test this thoroughly before rolling it out, but the old converter program has some problems. If you run into problems – it should be playable on any computer with the program VLC.

After a short visit to the Schnoor in Bremen and a Christmas Equipment Shop that is open all year Max makes a winter theme wallpaper.

He constructs a snowflake brush and then makes a multi layerd wallpaper for his computer.

This was the last show for 2008 – I need a bit of a break. Have nice holidays and a happy new year!

18 thoughts on “Episode 081: Winter!

  1. Thank you for another most interesting video, there is no problem with either sound or vision using Ubuntu 8.10. For some reason there is a black panel at the left of the screen which takes up almost the complete depth and about 10% or so of the width. This means that part of the Gimp image is missing but not the display area only the windows into which instructions are placed.

    Have a good holiday.

  2. Great website.
    Many thanks for all the good work and let’s have another great
    year ahead of us ^^.

    PS: Episode 100 should go with a bang though ^^

  3. Thanks Rolf, and Max and Philippe, and all the contributors.

    I get an enormous warm fuzzy-feeling from all the goodwill circulating within this community, and I’d like to wish everyone season’s greetings, and best wishes for the coming year.

    Tanks again Rolf for starting this whole thing! And for the continuing effort in keeping it going.

  4. I like to queue up with the others and leave a big thank you for a year of great shows and tutorials on the GIMP. I really enjoyed MTG and I really appreciate all the work you put into this (and also Max and Phillippe).
    Have a merry christmas, enjoy a great time with the ones you love and have a happy new year.

  5. I want to extend this row a little bit: Thank you all very much. I appreciated it very much and am looking forward to another interesting year of GiMP tutorials and development of one of the greatest OS software.

    Rolf, genieße die Feiertage, besinne dich ein bisschen, erlebe eine tolle Zeit im Kreise deiner Familie und rutsche gut ins Neue Jahr! Man hört sich in 2009!

  6. The new format is working fine, but the quality is worse than before, at least on my Totem/Ubuntu. It’s sort of smoother, but very mushy, like low quality jpg. Especially visible in scenes involving movement, like the street at the start. Anyone having similar impressions?

    That critical note apart, thanks for all the excelent work you’ve put here. I learned more about Gimp than from consulting all the manuals!

    Alles Beste im Neuen Jahr! :)

  7. @Pawel: I messed up the “real world” video while post processing. A case of a bad intermediary file and no saved original. I had either to get it out this way or re-edit the whole stuff. The screen video should be better.

    @Max: I now put your image up in the posting, the end of your video was garbled in cinelerra.

    @Tony: I’ll record a Bang for Episode 100 – I am a chemistry teacher and have a lab at my disposal. ;-)

  8. Rolf,

    Thanks for the show. I thought you might like to know that the video plays fine in iTunes on a Mac. In its current format it will not sync over to an iphone. When I used the preset option to convert it to an iphone movie, it will sync to the iphone but plays only a white screen with sound. This is not a complaint, but feedback so you have all the information you need to make a decision. As always, I will take the show in what ever format I can get it.

    Happy New Year! Enjoy, I hope I got this right, Silvester!

  9. Hey Rolf, thanks for everything you have done this year. This was my first year with GIMP and now I use it everyday, texturing my 3D models and what not.

    Thanks for mentioning graphics tablets and helping me fix mine! Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2009

    PS. I got an ipod touch, I can watch all your episodes on a decent screen. lol

  10. Here’s a TOC:

    Episode 081: Winter!
    00:18 Welcome to Bremen
    02:14 Winter wallpaper by Max
    02:56 Create a new shape using the brush editor
    04:00 Add guides to help with alignment
    04:34 Draw the basic shape
    05:00 Draw the first arm of the snowflake
    06:23 Copy the first side and flip to create the second side
    07:15 Copy and rotate the first arm to create the other arms
    10:00 Save the image as a brush
    13:00 Reload brushes to see the new brush
    14:00 Create new image for wallpaper
    15:00 Use blend tool to fill the background
    15:50 Create a layer for the most distant flakes
    16:34 Use brush dynamics to get some randomness
    17:05 Blur the flakes to simulate depth
    17:30 Repeat for the middle and top layers
    20:44 the End

  11. Sorry, not for the old shows. You’ll have to convert them yourself, I don’t have the time to re-render them from the originals.

    Does the “mobile edition” of the wide screen episodes run on your Touch?

Anything to add from your side of the computer?