Episode 072: A Letter from Max

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Today we have a guest on the “from scratch” slot. Max from Munich shows ho to make an envelope like this one. His Homepage is at http://milian-web.byto.de


(Times are coming up)

Texture for paper
Link to the original PS tutorial PSDTUTS (Vintage Fifties Letter)
Gimpressionist for paper texture
Airmail border pattern
Pattern fill from clipboard
Make the border
Grunge on the border with Plasma
Create a stamp
Make the perforation with a spaced paint brush
King Wilber on the stamp
Creating a rubber stamp
Waving lines with the Curve Bend filter
Smushing the ink stamp
Font from “dafont.com”
Aging the letter with a bump map
Use in a web logo

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14 thoughts on “Episode 072: A Letter from Max

  1. That’s really great. You showed a lot of very powerful techniques.


    PS: I wish I could speak English that good.

  2. Well done Max. Great tutorial. Great English. Great potential.
    Yet again a tutorial that drives home how powerful the Gimp is as long as the user has some patience and time to practice. I have read a few posts on some other news sites lately with comments such as “I just want to… but is there a non technical tutorial for showing this etc…”. The answer is nearly always no. People see the results achieved by users such as Max and think that because they have a computer that the same results should be achievable by anyone. Yes they are, as long as you learn some of the technical stuff. Sorry about the rant, but people expect so much for very little work.
    Keep up the good work Max.

  3. Congrats Max on a well done episode. Slow and clear that’s the way to instruct. I like that you include where you find your resources and inspiration. This way people who are interested can go and explore these sites – maybe get some new ideas and contibute to MTG later on.

    Continue the hard practice

  4. Very well done Max, really gimpressive.

    Btw. the combination of screencast and written tutorial is very helpful for me. The screencast ist fun to watch and best to catch the ideas. While reproducing the letter I prefer to look up the details in the written notes.

  5. Hi Max,

    great job and thank you for the informative tutorial.
    Also thanks to Rolf and Philippe for spending their time in producing screencasts.
    Since years I don’t understand Gimp because I’m used to programs like Photoshop but after watching the podcasts more and more I feel good with Gimp.

    Max, thanks also for linking to my bookmark-collection. It is maybe a good idea to change the link to http://akeller.net/search/all/gimp . The collection is constantly growing and Page 2 is changing nearly each week.

  6. Today after years of using GIMP I learned for the first time that there is an interactive scale tool (Shift – T). All this time I used calculator, Image > Scale Image and Layer > Scale Layer. LOL.

Anything to add from your side of the computer?