Episode 071: Choices

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The People of the USA are electing a new President. And we wanted to publish this Election Special some hours ahead of the schedule – but the technology was against us. Encoding problems at midnight and an alarmclock set to 0635 don’t work well together. ;-)

We wish the US (and the World) a good choice and a not so bleak future as it looks at the moment.

Philippe shows how to make the animated flag you see here.

Rolf steals a trick to enhance an image with a layer copy first converted to monochrome and then set to “value” as the layer mode.

And with the next show we’ll perhaps know who will be sitting in that nice house here in 2009. (We know it: Congratulations to Barack Obama and all the people in the USA.)


00:20 US presidential election
01:02 Animated US flag
01:55 – Create the mapping layer
04:00 – Create the animation layers
04:20 – Displacement and bump mapping
06:20 – Move the background
07:10 – Repeat on all the layers
08:35 – Perspective distortion
09:35 – Background image
11:10 – Add the animation layers
12:04 – Flag pole
14:38 – Save the animation
17:05 Forum – increasing contrast
19:25 Trying the new technique
20:10 – Make a monochrome layer
21:48 – Layer mode to value
24:34 The End

TOC made by paynekj

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7 thoughts on “Episode 071: Choices

  1. Link is broken, rather than the show, I get the following error dump

    Warning: fopen(/hosted/rs/www/meetthegimp/torrents/meetthegimp071.mp4) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /hosted/rs/www/meetthegimp/wp-content/plugins/podpress/podpress_functions.php on line 882

  2. I like this Video!

    I want to make a little remark.

    Before you save the Gif-Animation, you should do Filter -Animaton -optimize(for Gif). That will downsize the File Size from 414 kb to 76kb without quality losses.


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