Episode 063: More Noises in the Dark!

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Not so much progress on the noise side – I tried to reduce chroma noise with an option in UFRaw. The result is, well, see yourself in the image above (200% view).

1 – the noisy image

2 – the denoised image

3 – the denoised image with chroma noise reduction

4 – 1 and 3 combined with a mask for the edges.

I’ll explore soe more noise reduction options before I finish this image.

In the main part of this video you’ll see how to register an additional image into the already rotated and cropped  stack of layers.

The TOC:

Reducing Chroma Noise in UFRaw 03:00
Register an additional image into the layer stack 06:00
Moving the layer to a register point 06:30
Setting the center point for rotation 08:40
Cropping the layer to the image size 13:20
Checking the results 14:00
Recap 15:30
Why the Neon Filter? 16:20
When is an image finished? 18:10
Save as a new one layer image 19:40

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5 thoughts on “Episode 063: More Noises in the Dark!

  1. Could you be a bit more explicit?

    Does it make a difference which of the 4 YCbCr models is used for decomposition?
    And once decomposed, which channel(s) should be blurred? I might guess the answer is redness in this case, perhaps .. is that right? And what values of radius and max-delta have you had success with? Oor what would you recommend starting with?

    Or perhaps you can provide a link that gives further help?


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  3. 3900 downloads already – but 3000 of them are from one machine in Russia. No idea if DOS or a script going wild. :-(

    The load must have been so heavy that the forum database connection broke for some time – I got a warning mail at around midnight my time.

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