Episode 059: Motion captured in colours

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After you saw the results of my camera metering and contrast range experiment I show you a way to capture motion in colours.

An image consists out of three channels – red, green and blue. If you combine a channel of each of three shots made at different times into one image, you can get results like these and much stranger stuff.

This method is also known under the name of Harris shutter.

I got the inspiration from Diana Thater, who had an exhibition here in the Bremen Kunsthalle in 2004.

If you found out about the contrast range of your camera, please post the results here in the comments!


Camera calibration for the simple zone system 1:22
Using the histogram dialog 4:00
Please report your results 13:00
Diana Thater 13:50
Combining three images for a motion series 15:15
Registering with layer mode “difference” 18:15
Checking for rotation 20:00
Cropping 21:00
Decomposing and recombining 23:20
Working in monochrome 28:30

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13 thoughts on “Episode 059: Motion captured in colours

  1. Hi!

    In this episode, you said the compose function only works on images that have been decomposed before. Well, it works on all greyscale images, so just clicking image->mode->greyscale wold also have done the job ;)

  2. Hello Rolf

    I’ve been downloading MeetTheGIMP since December and trying to understand them all. I shall look again at many of them when I start to get more adventurous with GIMP, although I just might wait until 16-bit is added.

    Something has just occurred to me and I thought the suggestion might be useful to other MTG users. The new Table of Contents addition is very welcome and I think it would be useful if you had a page on your website containing – for all episodes – the TOC for each episode, along with the episode number, title, and date (and maybe a link to its page). This would allow users to search the whole page for specific items. So if I remember something I want to watch again, but don’t recall which episode it is in, I could search on that page and find the episode or episodes concerned.

    Now, I realise that the TOC is a recent innovation and most episodes do not have a TOC, but perhaps you could ask for volunteers to make TOCs for the older episodes. Even if the timings are not exact, it would still be a big help.

    Thanks again for MeetTheGIMP – it’s brilliant.

    Best wishes

  3. Coming back to the theme of the video ,
    It could interesting to generate some mask based on the “difference” result to hide the part of the boat who hare superposed on the lower layers, so we can have a clearer wiew of the motion….
    …Waiting for the files to try this tric.

  4. Rolf – you said: > The files will follow tonight.
    I usually wait to till the weekend to watch your shows and watching it now came back to get the files (I’m halfway through Using the histogram dialog 4:00)
    Did you ever post the files?

  5. I found that it is possible to do the Harris shutter-thing with the channel mixer and blending modes alone:
    Put the three images on separate layers in the same document. Select the first layer, and open the channel mixer. Leave the red at default, but go to the green and blue channel, and set all sliders to 0.

    On the second layer, set all sliders in the red channel to 0, the green slider in the green channel at +100, and all sliders in the blue channel to 0.

    On the third layer, set all sliders in the red and green channel to 0, and the blue slider in the blue channel to 100.

    Lastly, change the blend mode of the top two layers to Difference.

    Not a big thing, it makes sense that it’s possible, but I thought I’d mention it.

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