Episode 035: A Pack of Filters

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This week I show you how to change the colour, lightness and saturation of an image with the Filter Pack. You can do it in any order, undo every step and the best thing: you have a preview of every possible change at the same time that gets constantly updated. Confused? Watch the video! BTW, the control can be much finer and subtle than on the thumbnails on this image here.

At the beginning of the show I recommended the Lenswork publications. I forgot to mention that the editor, Brooks Jensen, also does two wonderful podcasts about photography.

Don’t forget the challenge! Make a monochrome image and post it in our meetthegimp.org photogroup at 23 and be sure to use the tag “mtg-monochrome”. The challenge ends March 31 1600GMT and I’ll draw a winner by random choice.

You can find the image used in this episode here on the Download Page

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00:34 Lenswork Extended
02:00 Monochrome challenge
03:18 The original image
04:20 The Filter Pack
04:35 – make the preview bigger
05:21 – only preview a selection
06:15 – adjust the hue of the highlights
08:58 – adjust the value (lightness)
09:23 – adjust the saturation
10:50 – The advanced options
12:35 – Apply the filter
14:29 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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13 thoughts on “Episode 035: A Pack of Filters

  1. Hi Rolf. Just in case you didn’t notice yourself – the name of the file the download link points to is meetthegimp035.mp4 for some obscure reason. And let me use this opportunity to thank you for this great work with GIMP video podcast.

  2. Fantastic, how you maintain this standard is beyond me. I really enjoyed the video and now have another tool at my fingertips. Thank you.

  3. Filter Pack is indeed a nice plug-in. But it urgently needs some serious love at the user interface level. If someone wants to get his/her fingers dirty in GIMP code, this would be a good place to start. Speak up on the gimp-developer list if you are interested and need some help.

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  5. As Sven says; if anyone would get his fingers into the Gimp Code to this plug in, it would be nice. I can’t! But I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the development of Gimp. I’m a thankfull user.

  6. Hi! I’ve taken a few minutes to create a database of your episodes and have reached this one, where the episode number (35) and URL content (episode-34-a-pack-of-filters) don’t match, although I doubt that causes any trouble.

    I’m using iData 3, a Mac program, to store episode number, episode title, and eipsode URL (not to the movies themselves) and tie that data to chapters and pages of Akkana Peck’s book, Beginning GIMP. I’ll throw in some keywords as well and make it available as a CSV file, although I’ll need to get a different website to do that, as my current one will die on June 1st.

  7. Christopher, that is great. I can give you webspace for that on meetthegimp.org in a subdomain or we can integrate your list directly into the site.

    The URL mistake comes from a blunder I made by originally writing the entry. I took the wrong number, changed that in the title and forgot to do that in the “stub”.

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  9. Hi Rolf, I thought I would just add a note here to emphasize that the Filter Pack is in the Colours menu (not in the Filters menu which seems to be a more logical place for it). Don’t worry, you got it right in the video, but I missed that little detail and spent time trying to see if it was a plug-in that had to be downloaded. So if I save someone else from making that same mistake, my life will be complete!

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