Episode 029: Drawing Tools

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This week I show you some stuff about the Pencil and Brush tools. They share common options with a lot of other tools and I cover them in detail. Ever wondered how to draw a straight line? Or how to pick a new colour without changing the tool you are using just now? I’ll tell you about it.

And you’ll see a bit about the advantages of using a graphics tablet. I’ll do a longer video about that in the future. But first I have to build a new schedule for my school and manage the end of the old and the start of the new semester.

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18 thoughts on “Episode 029: Drawing Tools

  1. I noticed that you said you are using new recording software. I’m currently evaluating screen recording software in Linux and am curious what you are using if your not using Demorecorder. Thanks!


  2. I was using recordmydesktop but have returned to Demorecorder. recordmydesktop had some problems with synching sound and video. You can see it in this video on some places when either the sound or the video lags a bit. This effect is not linear and so not easy to correct.

    Demorecorder has a new version out that allows the same “on the desktop” recording as recordmydesktop.

  3. Thanks for the info. I’d already tested out recordmydesktop and had came to the same conclusion that you did. I’m just trying to convince my local Linux user group and Virtualization user groups to chip in money to buy a copy of Demorecorder to record presentations at our meetings.

  4. Do you know when I learned that nice thing? While loking up the stuff for making the video. It’s not only you who is learning some stuff here….. ;-)

  5. Hiya Rolf,

    Nice post. I thought you were going to use the app you were looking a while ago (that shows what you type in the keyboard). :)

    All the best,

  6. This show was recorded in November…. Just now I am a bit tight with time due to my job. Actually I am guilty of procrastinating by looking into the blog……

    If you all would pay 50 cent per episode…. ;-)

  7. The eraser tool has one important difference from the pen or brush. To see it in action, simply paint something on a foreground layer with transparency. A pen or brush with the background color selected will paint in that color, but the eraser will remove the color – turning it transparent.

  8. My question is, pressure sensivity only works with tablets?
    At the beginning I thought that Rolf you were using mouse in this episode, but you must have been using a tablet, haven’t you?

    Great stuff again :-)

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  10. Hi…

    I’m a long time Corel/Jasc Paint Shop Pro user and recently Corel Painter… I’ve recently started to use GIMP and I can not tell you how much your tutorials are welcomed by me…

    Cheers & keep up the great work…


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