Episode 027: Sketching

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It’s again time for a video by Joseph. He has explored a way to let photographies look like sketches.

3 Girls

And this was his starting point:


I then try to explain what’s happening behind the scenes and present one of the images of the meetthegimp.org photogroup at 23hq.com.

Joseph used music from ccmixter (“Ana (hisboyelroy_s_smooth_dub)” by hisboyelroy) during his video.

Do you like music under the voice? Shall I do that too? Write me a mail or comment here!

If you want to download Joseph’s file, go to the download page.


00:23 Welcome
00:54 Sketch effect by Joseph
01:10 – Blur layer and invert
02:34 – Merge layers and adjust contrast using levels
04:00 – Create a border
07:14 – Gimp.org tutorials
07:50 Rolf explains how it works
09:00 – Blur a layer to do edge detection
12:00 – Using levels to define the edges
13:15 Request for help
14:32 Commenting on a viewer’s photo
19:29 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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11 thoughts on “Episode 027: Sketching

  1. Episode 27 – Sketching says go to downloads page for files.
    Last one currently available appears to be for episode 26 (as at: 2008-01-08 16:05:56 EST)

  2. When the show started, I thought for a moment that I was looking at the previous one: the intro mentioned episode 26, 1st of January. But now I am niggling.

    In fact, this was a very nice show. Kudos to Joseph. He demonstrated the principal of edge detection and the unsharp mask: comparing an image with its blurred one. Just put the merged gray layer in overlay or soft light (due to a bug in GIMP, these blending modes are identical), et voilà, the original image is sharpened!

    As far as I am concerned, there is no need for music while speaking. But well, that is just my humble opinion.

    Thanks again for this instructive show, Serge

  3. Another fine show, thanks Rolf. I agree with Serge that there is no need for background music while you’re speaking. In fact, I would think it could be distracting and counter-productive.

  4. A great show. I always love to learn exactly how GIMP does what it does. All throughout the show, though, I was thinking “I’ve been doing much the same thing with Edge Detect”, but I suppose that Edge Detect is just an automated way of doing what Joseph was doing.

    One tip that I thought was useful that Joseph didn’t mention: another way to get rid of colors in a layer is to put a black layer over your color layer and change the blending mode to “Color”.

    Thanks for the great podcast,

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