Episode 026: New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year

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Today I talk about resolutions in GIMP, not about the ones for the New Year. An insightful discussion about this is at the Tips from the Top Floor Forum. Wikipedia has this about DPI.

If your GIMP doesn’t show the resolution part of the dialog, look for an “advanced” button. I saw it once, but can’t recall where.

If you want to find out how I made the image for this show, get the download from the download page.


00:23 Welcome
00:50 Resolutions
02:25 Changing resolution
06:59 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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9 thoughts on “Episode 026: New Year Resolutions

  1. Whilst we are comment spamming I will link to this:

    Photography goals article

    Not specifically new years resolutions but photography goals. I have used this article as the basis for some of my goals for this year and it is a good read.

    Lots of other good stuff on his site as well, particularly Nikon reviews.

    Happy new year everyone!

  2. I never expected an episode on the 1st of January. This is a good start of 2008. I wish you all a Happy New Year !

    To continue the suggestion of Christmas: are these episodes which explain some facts and give some background information, called GIMPedia or GIMPhacts? ;-)

  3. GIMPhacts is great! :-) I’ll use that!

    The Episodes on Christmas and New Year were no problem. Both slept on the server for many days, their red glowing digital timer fuses counting down to Tuesday 18:00. No Bond, James Bond to stop them and save the world.

    But I got some other problems that keep me away from making the break. I got three videos from viewers which have distracted me so much that I’ll produce them in the next shows. The ones in the tin cans can wait on the shelf for weeks with work overload.

    And I got a nice and long mail from New Zealand with an image for another show in it. It doesn’t stop…. ;-)

    @Vortigern: I fixed your first link too. Thom is a great writer about photography. So keep on spamming! Or shall I send you a login for meetthegimp.org? Then you can write such stuff directly into the blog.

  4. You best give me some idea of your expectations Rolf. I would love to contribute to meetthegimp but probably don’t have that much to offer. I do have time though which is a start and the odd post now and again would certainly fit in with my photography goals for the year.

    Feel free to email me if you want at the address used for this post.

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